Rapha Family Services, Inc. is a faith-based, non-profit agency incorporated in the State of Florida on July 2007. It is approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax exempt organization under its 501-© (3) code, thus rendering donations to the organizations a deductible against personal or corporate tax liability. The Agency was established as a response to the overwhelming need of families with children in the foster care system where the support for family reunification is minimal.

Our unique position lies in our mission. We are dedicated in using research and evidence-Based Programs in order to deliver excellent services to the families that we serve; services that will allow children to remain in their home whenever possible. Rapha Family Services is also dedicated to Cultural Competency, and in an effort to meet the needs of the growing and underserved Haitian population in several counties in the State of Florida, services are provided in English, Haitian-Creole, and Spanish.


The mission of Rapha Family Services, Inc. is to utilize Godly principles, research, and evidenced-base programs that are proven to strengthen family relationships. Bringing families together engenders community stability with the result being less crime, less abuse against children, lower divorce rate, consequently more socially responsible citizens. Reaching that utopian society is the heartbeat of God, which becomes the pulse of Rapha Family Services’ goals and objectives.


The vision of our organization is to be a premier Social Services Institution in the World, delivering excellent Child-Welfare/Adoption Services, Mental Health, Community Enrichment Programs, and Pastoral Care Services. By providing efficient delivery of services in a timely manner, we aim to facilitate a corporate culture that cares about family unification and reunification in every aspect of its execution. This assists program participants to receive quality services pertaining to foster care, adoption services and mental health counseling. This is supplemented by community enrichment programs and pastoral care services, in order to build the whole family by meeting the needs of their spirit, soul (mind), and body. This biblically oriented philosophy of unconditional Love is the catalyst for fostering better communities through stable families.

The agency will accomplish this goal by working in collaboration with various entities, such as churches, schools, universities, non-profit organizations, and businesses. The expectation is to target the communities gradually, one state at a time.