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Supporting Children and Adults With Mental Health Issues

Your Mental Health Is Important to Us

Rapha Family Services, Inc. is a mental health company in Delray Beach, Florida that has been serving children and adults since 2007. We are dedicated to preventing mental health problems from ruining countless lives in our community. What makes us different is that our staff is diverse, and we offer our services in Spanish. You can rely on us to bring you out of your shadows and into the light!


To improve the lives of families by utilizing research and evidence-based programs, in order to build stronger family relationships, thereby decreasing child-abuse and maltreatment.


To be a premier Social Services

Institution in the World, delivering excellent Foster-Care Services, Mental Health, Community Enrichment Programs, and Pastoral Care Services.

Our biblically oriented philosophy of unconditional love is the catalyst behind the services we provide. Motivated by the love that we have experienced from God, we are committed to working with families in order to bring about restoration and healing.


The Founder of This Company


Anneze Barthelemy, MSW

Executive Director 

Valerie Ervin Fields, LCSW

Clinical Director

Rapha Family Services, Inc. is a 501- (C) (3), faith-based, Private, Non-Profit Social Services agency, which was established in 2007, by Anneze Barthelemy. The agency is dedicated to improving the lives of families by providing them with the necessary tools needed to succeed; such as parenting classes, parent support groups, child abuse education, life skills, abstinence classes, family mentoring, referrals, recruiting and training of foster families and Case Management Services.

RFS is a place where children and their families can expect to be mentored, nurtured and ultimately develop the skills necessary to experience restoration. In an effort to meet the needs of the growing Haitian population in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, we offer services in English, Spanish and Creole.

Meet Our Team

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Our Ultimate Aspiration

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